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3D Human Heart Model Q & A

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Are all options in a 3D human heart model designed to demonstrate only a diseased heart?

A 3D human heart model can depict either a healthy heart of hearts with a variety of common conditions and diseases. Choosing either option depends entirely on the type of patients that are expected, and the type of information about the heart that will be conveyed. Many family physicians and specialists find that having both a healthy heart model as well as a heart model showing various disease conditions is the best option. The healthy heart model can be used for comparative purposes, or to talk to patients about preventative changes they can make to avoid heart disease or related problems.

The diseased heart model typically differs in both size and design when compared to the healthy heart model. These models tend to be smaller in size to allow them to be placed on the same base to take up a minimum of storage or display space. The healthy heart is usually full size while the other models are approximately half normal heart size.

Is there any information provided with a 3D human heart model that would allow patients to get information without the doctor present?

A 3D human heart model from a high quality manufacturer will have a variety of different information attached to the model in the form of an education card. This card forms the background of the model and may be one or two sided, depending on the specifics of the model.

The card will list the major and minor structural features of the 3D human heart model that is displayed just in front of the card on the base. In addition other diagrams on the card provide additional information about heart functioning or internal structures that may not be visible unless the model is open. Patients can easily view and read the information provided on the card before, during or after the consultation with the physician.

What features are depicted on a 3D human heart model?

Depending on the specific type of 3D human heart model a variety of features and structures of the heart, both healthy and diseased, can be contained on or in the model. The more features that are contained in the model the more accurate the overall presentation. In general the model should include the chambers and valves, the major arteries and veins as well as the aortic arch. Diseased heart models can also contain structural changes in the interior or exterior of the heart associated with common heart conditions. These include hypertension, congestive heart failure, and myocardial infarction. The comparison on these smaller sized diseased models can be made to a smaller sized normal heart also provided with the set. The doctor can walk the patient through the normal structures and then review what happens to the heart after a health condition occurs. The patient can go back and forth between the two models to clearly see the damage done to the structure of the heart muscle.

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