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Arthritis Model Q & A

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

What are the most common joints depicted in an arthritis model?

Arthritis can attack any of the joints of the body, but the most commonly depicted joints in arthritis models include the knee and hip. These models are perfect for use in conjunction with a basic full sized model of the healthy corresponding joint. By starting with a review of the full size healthy joint the patient then quickly and dramatically notes the differences once osteoarthritis or arthritis is found. This stark contrast is very eye-opening for many patients and will prompt a lot of discussion. The more that the patient asks about the condition, as well as their specific recovery and treatment, the more informed he or she will become.

There is also the option to have other joint models custom made to show the results of arthritis. These custom made arthritis models aren't available through every company so you may need to do a bit of looking around before finding a company that offers this option.

Is there any type of comparison arthritis model that could be used to help patients see the deterioration and degeneration associated with the condition?

A very popular option with arthritis model styles is to have a grouping of joints showing a progression of the condition. These models usually start with a healthy joint, typically a knee or hip, and then show other degenerative diseases as well as arthritis as a progression. The damage and the results of arthritis are clear to see without being over the top or highly dramatic. The realism of the models isn't lost in the effort to highlight or focus in on what the disease will do to the joint. These models are just slightly smaller than full size and are staggered on the base to keep the presentation size small while still being highly visible. Cards behind the anatomical models help in guiding discussions and allowing patients to look at the models without the need for medical staff. Of course answering questions and using the model in a consultation is highly recommended.

Where is the best place to buy an arthritis model and what should I consider?

One of the best ways to by an arthritis model or any other type of anatomical model is to shop online. Shopping online is quick and easy and allows you to buy from literally anywhere in the world. You can choose your quality, price and model features all with the click of a mouse. It is important when shopping online for medical supplies and equipment to buy from a reputable supplier that has experience and expertise in creating medical models. Buying from a middleman may leave you with a product that is less than what you wanted. Keep in mind that not all companies online are as reputable as others and returns, refunds and customer complaints may not be handled appropriately by some online businesses. Read the reviews, get references from colleagues and be sure to completely understand the companies return policies before buying.

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