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Breast Cancer Model Q & A

Monday, June 20, 2011

What options do I have for using a breast cancer model with all my female patients to stress the importance of breast self-examinations on a regular basis?

There are some excellent options for a breast cancer model that will show the proper patterns used in a breast self-exam. In addition this model also provides the patient the option to feel, in a simulated human breast, a tumor and fibrous mass. Often women know the correct way to do the breast exam but may not be aware of just what an irregular or abnormal tissue mass feels like in a self-exam. These models are ideal for patients that are uncomfortable with doing a self-exam on their own breast in the presence of the doctor.

There are other breast cancer model options that can be used in the same fashion. Although they may not be designed specifically for a breast self-examination they will typically include lumps and fibrous masses of different sizes that will be easy for the patient to feel and indentify. It is also a good idea to talk to the patient, using the model, about general information and current research on breast cancer prevention, treatment and factors that may make a patient more likely to develop this cancer.

Are there different styles in breast cancer models and which one is the best?

There are several different breast cancer model options and styles. The full size lifelike material breast model is very natural in appearance and texture and is helpful for patients to learn breast self-exam techniques. The breast cancer model that identifies different types of breast cancers through lumps and abnormalities under the surface of the breast is excellent for talking to patients after the results of biopsy. This anatomical model can also be instrumental in helping patients understand the different types of breast cancers.

For a patient with a diagnosis of breast cancer, a cross section model can be very helpful. Patients can see into the breast and the supporting tissue. This will assist the patient in understanding how the tumor is causing pain and complications. In addition, if surgical procedures are required the doctor can explain what specific techniques will be used and how the breast will be removed if required.

How do most female patients respond to the use of a breast model in an examination or consultation after a diagnosis of breast cancer?

A diagnosis of breast cancer is very traumatic and stressful for a woman and her family. Using a breast cancer model during this very difficult time of her life is a good way to allow her to visualize what you are explaining. The model doesn't have to be complicated or graphic but it should identify the type of tumor or mass as well as allow the physician to use that information to discuss a treatment plan. Using a breast anatomy model helps the patient focus in on the discussion, but expect that information intake will be limited, especially during the initial diagnosis and consultation.

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