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Thursday, June 30, 2011

What accessories can be used on medical tables to secure patients and provide safety when the table is in use?

There are several different options when it comes to adding accessories to medical tables. The types of accessories that are selected are often a combination of the types of patients that are seen in the medical facility or practice, along with the requirement of the physician and medical staff. Common accessories for general family practices and OB/GYN examination rooms include ankle stirrups, which come in a variety of styles and models. They are usually universal and can be used with any type of table plus they have several different adjustments including lateral movement and length.

Arm boards are another accessory that is very practical in working with a range of patients. Accessory rails, which run down the length of the table and can be raised or lowered are idea for providing extra security and safety for patients. Some models of tables will require a factory install, this is most common on the power tables as opposed to the traditional manually operated types of tables. Accessory drawers, safety straps, pillows, wedges and cabinet features under the table itself are all possible in many different styles of medical tables.

What storage options are available on medical tables?

Saving space in the examination room is always a big consideration in any medical facility. There are several ways that medical tables, at least some models, can help out with this problem. Several of the bariatric or standard styles of tables offer a full cabinet under the table. This provides a solid, dependable table with various combinations of cabinets and drawers. The cabinets feature adjustable shelves for larger materials and supplies, including additional pillows, accessories and medical equipment. Drawers are perfect for smaller equipment, frequently used examination supplies and other types of materials. These types of tables usually have a laminated finish to the cabinet and drawer area that can be ordered to meet your examination room color scheme.

Open shelving can also be another option to consider under an examination or treatment table. The open shelves can be used to store non-medical types of supplies such as blankets or other types of frequently used equipment. It is important to keep in mind that open shelving doesn't offer as much storage potential as this area will be open to patients as well as medical staff.

Is it important to have an adjustable backrest with medical tables?

Selecting a medical table that has an adjustable backrest does provide greater options for increasing patient comfort during any type of examination process. The adjustable backrest can be either a power type of model that is operated by hand or foot controls, or it can be a manual adjustment. Both are equally effective for the patient but it is important to keep in mind that most manually adjusted backrests have to be fully raised to be disengaged and lowered, which may create some difficulty for medical staff with adult patients with limited mobility.

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