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C-Arm Tables Q & A

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What types of material are C-Arm tables made of to allow such as wide range of imaging space on the table's surface?

The C-Arm table can have a variety of materials used in construction to create the large imaging spaces possible with the table. Most are made with a carbon fiber without any metal, although there is also the possibility of a fiber resin top. It is not uncommon for a high quality table to have up to 56 inches of metal free imaging surface on a table that is 22 by 84 inches. These tables will also be able to support patients up to 500 pounds, perfect for use in virtually any general medical setting or specialization office or clinic.

Are all C-Arm tables adjustable when it comes to height and is there a difference in price between fixed and adjustable options?

There are both fixed height and adjustable C-Arm tables available. Adjustable tables are controlled with lift motors as well as tilting motors for easy adjustments. Foot and hand controls can both be included with most models, plus these tables also come with a power kill switch which can be activated as required. Most of these tables will weigh approximately 375 pounds.

Fixed height tables may be a good option for use in both pain management settings as well as for imaging. These tables are a standard 31 inches in height and are a good option for use with most C-Arm equipment as well as ceiling mounted medical equipment that has been installed with the use of these tables in mind. Often, fixed height tables are rated for higher weights than the adjustable models. Adjustable tables can be rated for weights of up to 500 pounds whereas fixed height models are often suitable for weights of up to 650 pounds. The fixed height models don't require any electric motors and are therefore less costly than the adjustable options.

What accessories are available for C-Arm tables?

There are a wide range of options and accessories available for C-Arm tables which are one of the major reasons these tables are so popular and so common in all types of medical imaging, pain management, and multidisciplinary practices. Basic accessories for the table include a table extender, which can allow up to twelve additional inches to the head of the table, perfect for neck imaging and cervical spine treatments. A butterfly pillow option is anther commonly used accessory that inflates to form a soft encompassing cushion for the neck, lumbar region or any other part of the body. They are inflated with hand pumps that allow customization for each patient.

Arm boards are another accessory that comes in handy in imaging and multi-use settings with C-Arm tables. Flouro-extenders are another example of a removable radiolucent device that provides additional surface imaging space only where it is needed. Side rails for the table provide patient security, protection and comfort, especially when the table is use to transport the patient on the table.

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