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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

What is the major advantage to using pediatric tables rather than standard treatment or examination tables for children?

Pediatric tables are designed to be child friendly, and much safer for smaller children than a standard treatment or examination table. Kids often find that the size of an adult examination table makes the experience much more stressful since they are so small in comparison to the equipment. Of course the safety ledge that is always on pediatric tables with scales is also not present on a standard adult examination table. Having that additional ledge provides safety for children, particularly infants, and is usually found on all three external sides of the table's top.

Pediatric tables are also designed to be practical, and they have drawers, shelving units and other equipment storage combinations that can be adjusted as needed. There is also the option for an open bench type of design that makes the table look more like furniture rather than medical equipment, which can help decrease stress and anxiety in children of all ages.

I want to make my examination rooms really child friendly, are there any tables that are popular with both boys and girls?

All the favorite themes found with pediatric tables are great for both girls and boys. While cars and trucks may have once been associated with boys, that is certainly no longer the case. Girls will also love climbing into the cab of the truck styled table and pretending to drive while Mom and Dad and the Doctor all talk. In addition favorite themes of rainforests, pets, safari animals, under the sea murals and outer space is great to get conversation going with any child. Other favorites include a variety of animal themes from penguins through to Dalmatian dogs that are doubling as firefights in a cute fire truck themed treatment table. Parents will also appreciate the extra touch that helps put their children at ease while at the doctor's office.

Colors are very important with children so the laminated designs on tables are great for adding that dazzle and light to the room. This also allows you to color coordinate with your favorite colors with ease since there are so many different colors in the designs on the front of the tables.

What other types of specialized equipment would you recommend that could be coordinated with pediatric tables to keep exam rooms in a particular theme?

Themed medical equipment that matches with pediatric tables makes staying to a d├ęcor style easy and stress free. You can also choose to go with a brightly colored table or scale and then use the alternate big furniture item in the room in the theme. In addition nurses, technicians, and even the doctor can all color coordinate scrubs and coats to match the themes in the rooms, perfect for staying professional while also adding a touch of fun to everyone's day.

It is important to ensure that all paint used on the products, including the tables, scales and other equipment, is child safe. Laminated surfaces are also important in providing durability to the surface.

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