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Thursday, July 14, 2011

What is the most common use for portable exam tables?

Portable exam tables are most commonly seen at sporting events including community functions, marathon races, games, and virtually anywhere athletic events are held. These tables are also common at school sporting events and tournaments, especially once competitive levels are reached. Often at major community events such as concerns, parades or festivals, it is now common to have a medical tent or designated area and these exam tables are ideal for those types of events. Since they fold down for easy storage when not in use they are far less cumbersome to deal with than traditional types of tables, plus they can be easily transported in any type of vehicle.

There are also many other common uses for these medical exam tables. Mobile medical clinics, blood drives, emergency medical assistance programs and community crisis response teams often use these portable exam tables to set up crisis response centers in times of emergencies and disasters. Hospitals and clinics may also have a supply of exam tables to deal with crisis responses where there is a higher than average number of patients in emergency rooms or requiring emergency medical services in smaller facilities or hospitals.

Can portable exam tables be used indoors as patient exam tables?

Many schools use portable exam tables in their nurse's examination room or their team locker rooms. These exam tables may be permanent deployed and used as taping tables or sideline tables during a game or event, then positioned back into the locker room or equipment room for use as required between sporting events. Portable tables can also be used in smaller clinics or specialized offices where regular patient examinations are not common. Since they can be used when necessary and stored when not in use this a great option for those with smaller spaces that don't want a full permanent examination table.

How strong and durable is the covering on movable exam tables and what is it made of?

Portable exam tables are designed to be used in all types of situations and environmental conditions. This includes being in the rain or damp weather as well as outside in the extreme heat of the summer. With this in mind manufacturers of these lightweight and very durable examination tables have selected materials that are strong, light yet also incredible resistant to wear and tear.

Many tables use a marine grade polymer material that is literally designed for use on ships and boats. This material is extremely tough, and resists water, tears, punctures, mars, scuffs and other types of damage. In addition the material doesn't stretch or sag, ensuring that the table will stay looking great for seasons to come. Another common material is tufflex, also designed to be used outdoors without any signs of damage in typical environmental conditions. The material can be easily cleaned with soapy water and a cloth and can also tolerate most cleaners and disinfectants as recommended by the manufacturer.

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