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Portable Treatment Tables Q & A

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Can one person easily move and set up portable treatment tables, or does the process require more than one individual?

Portable treatment tables are designed to be easily taken down, carried and put up by just one person. Most of these tables are made from lightweight aluminum that is strong and durable, yet also manageable when it comes to actual weight. Most of the popular models, especially for sports teams or mobile medical treatment centers will weight less than 40 pounds, some as light as 29 pounds.

The legs of the table fold up and the bracing that provides the support and security for the table also folds up under the table top, creating flat surface. Many exam tables also fold in half and are easily carried using a shoulder carry strap in their own specialized soft case. This does depend on the particular model and the type of padding that is used on the top of the table. These treatment tables are all fully adjustable with regards to height when set-up. This is accomplished by the use of telescoping legs that also slide up and in when the table is in the storage position.

What options are there for customizing portable treatment tables?

Most medical supply manufacturers provide doctors, team managers, or equipment supply managers a choice of colors in the upholstery or material that covers the portable treatment table. Typically, colors range from blues through to black, greens and grays as well as reds. Some companies and some tables also offer the option of a team stripe color that goes across one corner of the table provided by some manufacturers. Other options that teams or medical staff can choose is the overall possible height of the table. This can range from 17 inches to up to 31 inches with options for various lengths also possible between models and brands. The frames of some portable treatment tables may also be different in design, providing options for customized painting to include team colors.

I have to use the portable treatment table in all types of weather. What are the best types of legs to consider or what can I use to prevent the table from shifting and sinking into soft soil or mud?

One of the most important features for outdoor use is stability of the portable treatment tables in all types of weather. This is doubly important as athletes or patients move on and off the table when weight is not evenly distributed across the entire surface.

Field feet are one option to stabilize the table on all types of surfaces. These are very wide saucer type of feet that distribute weight over a wide area of the ground, preventing any problems with sinking. Anther option are the bar type feet that spread the patient's weight over the entire width of the table. These tables are also good for a variety of surface condition. All tables will be less stable on very wet or muddy conditions where the surface of the ground is soft.

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