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Power Examination Tables Q & A

Friday, July 08, 2011

Do power examination tables take up a lot of room in the examination room and how can this be handled in smaller clinics?

Power examination tables take up less room than standard examination tables since they can be kept in the upright seat or chair position when not in use. This also allows patients to feel comfortable in stepping into and out of the power table since there is no step up or stool that is required to get on and off of the table. The measurements of the table when in the upright position will vary slightly depending on the model but it is typically less than 60 inches, which extends to 70 inches or more when the foot rest is extended and the table is in the supine position.

This makes storing and using the power exam table easier than a traditional medical table in any size setting or examination room. For specializations such as podiatry, OB/GYN, orthopedics or geriatrics these tables are a great addition to any patient exam or consultation room. 

What is the typical range of motion and positions on power examination tables?

Most power examination tables will provide for a range of options in positioning of the backrest and the leg rest independent of each other. This allows the medical staff to place the patient exactly as needed for ease of examination or treatment. Height of the table can range from 19 inches up to 35 inches for patient safety and comfort getting on and off. The leg section can positioned to allow the patient's legs to sit at a 90 degree angle over the edge, or the leg rest can actually be elevated up to 10 degrees on some models. The backrest typically can be positioned between 0 and 75 degrees, with some variation in the elevation based on the specific model. The additional stirrups will extend out from the lower sides of the table frame providing a full range of positioning of the patient's legs as required.

What additional features come on most types of models of power examination tables?

Depending on the specific model of power exam table that you select there will be different features offered. Usually the more deluxe models offer the greatest range of features and surprisingly these tables are usually not much more than the middle range tables in price. You can also shop around and find many of the deluxe models on sale at some of the best medical supply companies online, which really helps to stretch your medical equipment budget.

Some of the features that are found on the more deluxe models of chairs include specialized foot controls that allow hands-free movement of the chair up and down. The backrest may also be fully pneumonic to provide a very smooth, natural movement to raise and lower the table backrest up to 75 degrees and back down to horizontal. Features on a power examination table may also include built in storage drawers, concealed stirrups and the option of drawers and controls on either the right or left hand side, depending on the doctor's preference and room set-up.

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