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Cervical Traction Devices Q & A

Friday, September 16, 2011

What information is helpful for patients to understand when recommending cervical traction devices for home use?
Patients who use home traction and cervical traction devices need to understand the many benefits of these systems. Not only are they great for stretching out the spine and providing decompression of the neck, they can also be used to reduce the need for both surgical procedures as well as pain medication. By routinely and correctly using cervical traction devices at home patients can also cut down on trips to and from therapy, helping to keep treatment costs down and increasing patient independence. With a decrease in pain medication requirements, patients will also lower prescription medication costs and avoid the complications often associated with chronic use of pain relieving drugs.

For patients that need a low cost option with more than three to five pounds of traction when options are available in cervical traction devices?
For a good, low cost option for a cervical traction device that can be heavier than the standard three to five pound kits an over-door model is a great idea. This works because the weight is actually simple tap water contained in a specially constructed vinyl bag. The bag has been clearly marked with levels of water that correspond to different weights. The bag holds up to twenty pounds of water, making it an extremely good option for patients requiring more traction than the basic kits offer. The water bag is designed to be very durable and it will last for years with a bit of care in handling. The attachment hook that connects the bag to the traction rope is secure and easy to use when removing the weight and releasing the traction pull. The patient simply places his or her chin into the sling style head harness to start the traction session. This device is very safe and easy to use and can be found online at less than twenty dollars for the entire kit.

For the cervical traction devices sold as kits, how available are replacement parts and what is their approximate cost?
Cervical traction devices that are sold in three or five pound kits come with three simple parts. These include the head harness, a roll pillow, also known as a foam neck roll, and a pre-measured weighted bag that is either three or five pounds. Typically most of these kits will be priced at between forty and sixty dollars, which includes all necessary parts to start traction. Occasionally the head harness, foam neck roll or the weighted bag itself may be lost, damaged or in need of replacement. Each of the parts can be purchased separately, preventing the need to replace the entire set. Replacement parts for either the three or five pound system can be found online at medical supply websites for less than twenty dollars per component. The foam neck roll and head harness are identical for both and are therefore interchangeable, it is only the weight bag that needs to be purchased to match the specific weight you were using.


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