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Ultrasound Tables Q & A

Monday, October 10, 2011

What accessories are available for ultrasound tables that can be used in both OB/GYN settings as well as for general practices?

Retractable side rails are a good addition to ultrasound tables in all types of medical settings. The side rails provide additional comfort and security for the patient and also an increased level of safety when not directly supervised by medical staff or technicians. Not all models of tables are suitable for use with side rails so it is important to consider the specific model and if this is a possible feature. While side rails are typically used for all patients they can also be dropped down and fully retracted when not needed or for allowing the patient to easily get on and off the table.

Retractable stirrups are another key feature for ultrasound tables, particularly but not exclusively in OB/GYN practices. The stirrups, like the side rails, can be retracted when not in use. They can also be positioned and adjusted as needed based on the specific patient.

What is the best ultrasound table for providing a variety of possible positions for the maximum number of ultrasound procedures?

While some of the ultrasound tables, particularly the echo image tables are designed to provide a flat surface, many of the two and three section tables allow greater freedom in positioning patients for a wide range of ultrasound tests. For many practices, including OB/GYN a two or three section table provides increased patient comfort which only helps the technician or doctor in obtaining the necessary ultrasound images. Two section tables have a movable back rest while three section tables include a drop down foot and leg rest. All sections of the table operate independently of each other allowing for the maximum number of positions possible. These styles of tables can also be extended to a flat surface for procedures that require the patient be prone or supine.

Are there specially designed ultrasound tables for bariatric patients?

Ultrasound tests are used in many different types of bariatric treatments and there are several different models of tables designedspecifically for these patients. These tables are very similar in external appearance to standard tables however they are specially constructed and reinforced to provide a safe, secure table for large patients. Most bariatric ultrasound tables are rated for weights of up to 600 pounds. The width of these tables can be between 20 and 33 inches, depending on the specific make, model and design of the table. High density urethane foam padding provides a comfortable surface for patients on many of the tables including those for bariatric patients. Larger pillows that are appropriately sized for the width of the table are optional and can provide additional comfort and support to patients using the table.

Power lift tables for bariatric patients, especially those that are immobile or have limited mobility are a good option to minimize the need for staff assisted transfers when getting on and off of the table.

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