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Mono Sutures Q & A

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What are the major benefits or characteristics of mono sutures that make this a good option for many soft tissue and ophthalmic procedures?
Various types of mono sutures provide different durations of wound support through more gradual or more rapid tensile strength reduction. This is important in many types of plastic surgery or ophthalmic surgical procedures where stress on the wound is limited and there is not the need for extended wound support. However, choosing a slower reduction in tensile strength in these sutures can provide extended wound support while still using an absorbable suture.

The absorption is also more uniform and predictable than with plain gut or even chromic gut absorbable suture material. The mono filament is highly uniform, providing a more completely accurate absorption rate as well as very smooth passage through tissue. With the smooth surface there is little irritation, lower amounts of swelling and less trauma to the surrounding tissue. In addition non-wicking material helps to further minimize the risk of any bacterial migration along the suture, helping to reduce the risk of inflammation and discomfort for the patient.

Monofilament sutures have good levels of elasticity and suppleness, ensuring that the sutures will conform to the surface of the site and not twist or crimp during the procedure. This not only provides less damage to the tissue but it also improves the strength of the suture and the subsequent wound support.

What precut lengths and needled options are available in mono sutures?
Various options exist through different medical supply companies with regards to the specific needles, needle sizes, size of mono sutures and the length options for the suture material. Needles can range from taper points to reverse cutting in different sizes and diameters. The precut length is often available in 75cm with sizes from 4-0 to 1 that correspond with the respective needle size and diameter. 

There is also the option to choose monofilament sutures available in suture cassettes on ligating reels. These options can vary from 25 to 50 meters in length with sizes between 4-0 through to 2. For busy hospitals and operating rooms this is often the most economical option. Smaller facilities may find that the prepackaged needles and mono sutures are easier to store, provide greater options for having different equipment available and, with limited or infrequent use, can help to save costs of medical supplies that are not used before the expiration date.

What options are available in mono sutures when it comes to packaging, dye and other features?

As with virtually all types of sutures and surgical supplies and equipment different companies can offer different options with regards to mono sutures. One very popular consideration is the color or dye of the monofilament sutures. There are companies that offer black, violet, undyed or milk white, or other colors as offered by the individual manufacturer. Using the dyed color options provides contrast and ease of visualization of the suture material at all times.

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