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Disposable Bed Sheets Q & A

Monday, February 20, 2012

What sizes do disposable bed sheets come in and what special features are offered with different brands of sheets?
Disposable bed sheets come in the standard size use by most patient beds, which is 58 inches by 102 inches. They can be used for top or bottom sheets and can be combined with disposable bed pads for maximum absorbency and patient comfort if incontinence is a concern.

Disposable sheets naturally provide protection against contamination since they are used once and then disposed. There is no chance of cross contamination in the laundry or by staff handling both dirty and clean linens when changing patient beds. In addition many of the tissue/poly combinations of disposable linens are very stain resistant and very strong, providing added comfort to the patient as well as staff.

Many brands of disposable sheets come in white, which is a crisp, clean look for patient rooms, examination rooms and for use on stretchers. There are some companies that make blue colored disposable linen products that are less institutional looking and may be a better option for long term care facilities since they are less hospital looking in color.

Disposable pillow covers can be used to coordinate with the sheets or they can be of a contrasting color to provide a different look entirely. White sheets with blue pillow covers or vice versa provides a good color match with many hospital color schemes.

Are there specific disposable bed sheets for stretchers?

Disposable bed sheets specifically designed for stretchers are an ideal option for busy staff. They are used once and disposed of, preventing the need to leave laundry at the receiving medical facility or have to bring soiled or used bedding back in the ambulance. The small, compact packaging of this bedding also makes it easy to carry and store in the small storage spaces in the ambulance. The strength, durability and low cost of the bedding makes it an excellent choice for first responders.

I have been using disposable bed sheets for patients in my clinic, what other options are there for patient comfort and privacy during exams?

Disposable bed sheets are a good option of a variety of different uses, including using with patients prior to and during examinations. Another option is to purchase a disposable drape sheet that is 40 by 60 and provides enough protection and privacy to use directly with the patient or to cover equipment or medical supplies as a drape sheet prior to use. Since they are fully disposable they are very easy to work with and they are also very reasonably priced, making them an ideal option for a busy clinic or a doctor's office.

Disposable bed sheets are slightly larger in dimension and tend to be more costly per unit, so using these sheets is entirely a decision of the doctor or medical professional. The larger sheets may provide to be more difficult for the patient to manage and may also provide additional material that is simply in the way.

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