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Common Questions about Disposable Pillow Cases

Thursday, February 16, 2012

How durable are disposable pillow cases if there is a spill or moisture that comes in contact with the pillow case?

Disposable pillow cases or covers are designed to be very durable and to stand up to exposure to moisture, spills, sweat, bodily fluids and to the movement of a patient's head and hair against the surface. They can be made of a tissue/poly combination that offers both strength and softness and they can also be very absorbent without weakening the pillow case.
Patients feel very comfortable on disposable pillow covers that are breathable and remain cool since they absorb the moisture, rather than hold it against the skin. Some types of these disposable covers are very stain resistant, perfect for everyday use in hospital patient rooms but also ideally suited for emergency room use, clinical use or use in a doctor's office.

Are disposable pillow cases and covers sold only in sheet sets or are they available separately?

Disposable pillow cases are available both as part of disposable sheet sets as well as in individual packaging. Typically when sold individually they will be packaged by pillow size, standard, queen or king by dimensions and sold in quantities of 100, 120 or 150 per case. This allows staff to divide up the case and store pillow covers in patient rooms, exam rooms or in central supply areas. Each pillow case comes folded in a compact pre-set style, easy for use and ideal for carrying on supply carts between rooms.

What styles of disposable pillow cases are available and how do they make life easier for staff in hospital, clinical or care facilities?

Most disposable pillow cases and pillow covers come in a standard white or in a pale blue color. Both are ideal for hospital settings, examination rooms and emergency rooms and coordinate with most standard linen colors used by hospitals. Different sizes of 21 by 37, 21 by 30, 20 by 29, ensuring that there is a good match for all pillow sizes used in the facility.

Disposable linens, including pillow cases or covers, are an excellent idea for several reasons. First and foremost they are helpful in eliminating the transfer of contaminants between that can occur when both clean and dirty laundry is handled in the same area. This is particularly important in the case of chemical or biological contaminants including viruses or bacteria.

Staff will find that using disposable bed linens cuts down on the time required to change patient's rooms and bedding when necessary. The sheets and pillow cases are simply removed and discarded, they are single use only. This is different than stripping beds, transferring the laundry bags, moving laundry bags, washing, drying, folding and returning the sheets and pillow cases to the room. This frees up housekeeping staff and patient care technicians to focus in on patient centered services.

Single use disposable bedding items also require no regular checks for wear and use and there will never be unsightly permanent stains or discolorations. Each pillow case will look fresh and new, which is important for patient comfort and satisfaction.

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