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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What are the standard types of EMS chair features and which are most important for basic evacuation and rescue use?

Having chairs that are easy to fold down and immediately position for use is one very important feature. Many EMS chairs will open and fold with one movement, ensuring that they are available as soon as needed. The frame and the seat should be durable and lightweight, easy to clean and disinfect as needed. The harness or belt system that secures the patient should be simple to use yet easily adjustable, providing the highest level of protection and security to the individual being transported.
There are both basic and premium types of an EMS chair. What are the differences between the two?

Both types of EMS chairs are in use with first responders and medical facilities as well as different public and private organizations, agencies and businesses. The premium model is more commonly used by EMS services were the chair will be needed on a more frequent basis. Some of the features on a premium style of chair include oversized wheels that allow easy transport of people over grass, sand, rocks or rough terrain that is much more difficult with models that have only two wheels or the smaller five inch wheels.
Premium chairs often have arm rests for patient security and comfort as well as more developed foot rests. Typically the control features for staff, including the back and front hand grips are adjustable, allowing for easy adjustments for staff of different heights.

Some models of EMS chairs offer two wheels while others offer four wheels. Is there an advantage in one style over the other?

The choice between two wheels on the back or four wheels on all legs of the chair is largely a function of maneuverability. Four wheels, with the two on the back fixed and the two on the front that swivel, provides the greatest ease in moving the EMS chair in tight physical spaces. For the average use area two wheels provides great maneuverability but with four wheels it is easier for one person to maneuver the chair regardless of the space allocation. 

 How durable is an EMS chair and are they suitable for long term storage in an emergency response vehicle?

A rescue chair is designed to be ready to use in an instant so they are also constructed to be very durable even with long periods where they are not in constant use. The frames are constructed from lightweight aluminum which is highly rust resistant, non-corroding, resistant to chemical spills or staining and also extremely strong for its actual weight when compared to other types of metals and alloys.

The seat and back of the rescue chair is made of a nylon-reinforced vinyl that, like aluminum, is rot and mildew resistant and also very resistant to scuffing, ripping or tearing. Nylon-reinforced vinyl is also very stain resistant and easy to clean and disinfect after each use.

Floor fasteners and wall straps provide options for securing the EMS chair in any type of emergency vehicle. They can also be folded and stacked along a wall or in a storage area of a medical supply room or cupboard for use when needed.

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