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Mini Freezers Q & A

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

What options are available for mini freezers that can be used at a workstation or inset into an available under the counter area?

Laboratory freezers that are small and compact are available for use under an existing counter top that is a standard 34.5 inches. These mini freezers have three shelves plus storage on the door using

 shelves and a bar to prevent the containers from moving forward and falling when the door is opened or closed. These freezer units measure approximately 21.7 inches in width, 23.8 inches in depth and 33.5 inches in height. Interior measurements are 18.1 by 18 by 27.6 inches, providing up to five cubic feet of actual storage space.

Shelves can hold a variety of supplies, containers and samples and the door is ideal for storage of bottles and samples. While not as adjustable as full sized units the spacing of the shelves most containers and specimen holders will easily fit in the unit. The shelves themselves are epoxy coating to be resistant to chemical spills and very easy to clean. The legs of the mini freezer are adjustable to provide easy leveling to match with an existing countertop or work area.

How accurate is the temperature control with the mini freezer units compared to the temperature control on a regular large size laboratory freezer?

Surprising to most people is the similarity in the temperature control system used on high quality mini freezers and the full size 20 plus cubic foot free standing laboratory freezers. They both use a microprocessor system that responds to even very slight changes in temperature to keep the temperature unity at better than plus or minus one degree Celsius.

The temperature is further monitored using a set point digital pad located right beside an actual digital read-out of the current temperature inside the freezer. Users can set parameters for alarms, which can be audible and visual, that alert staff should the temperature drop lower or increase to higher than the designated parameters. The top line models will come with remote dry contacts that allow the freezer to be connected to a remote monitoring system that will ensure that any changes in temperature outside of the parameters sends an alarm to a designated location.

What is the best way to clean and defrost a mini freezer and can they be decontaminated in the event of a spill or accident?

Cleaning and defrosting mini freezers is the same as working with a full size laboratory freezer. They do not automatically defrost; it is done manually, to ensure that materials stored in the freezer are not exposed to unwanted temperature changes.

Defrosting is rarely required as the freezer is designed to function optimally at all times. Cleaning is done by allowing the unit to warm to room temperature and wiping the interior surfaces with warm water and disinfectant and cleaning solution. Follow with a warm water rinse and dry thoroughly before allowing to cool again to the desired temperature.

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