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Portable Sinks for Daycare Q & A

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I really want to be able to keep the portable sinks for daycare looking clean and new. What type of countertop do you recommend?

There are different types of countertops available for portable sinks for daycare. There is the option to use a lead free, phthalate free melamine that comes with a black laminate finish. The other option is to choose a stainless steel top for portable sinks. This is a great idea for daycares where paint, glue, and other messy and potentially staining materials may be used. Stainless steel is very resistant to any type of staining or scratching and, with the virtually rust-proof surface, it stays looking new for years. The sink top area is very easy to clean when you choose stainless steel as you can use almost any cleaner you want without worrying about ruining the material.
Stainless also offers additional advantages. It maintains a neutral color with regards to d├ęcor. This means you don't have to worry about matching new furniture, cabinets or fixtures to the laminate color, as most color schemes will mesh well with stainless steel.

I would like to use portable sinks for daycare but I already have a baby change table in the very small space I have available. Do you have any suggestions?

You can combine baby change tables with portable sinks for daycare to make an excellent option for those with limited space. This is not only practical for the kids, but it is incredibly handy for staff. No longer will you need to move from space to space with the infant, as everything you need for a proper diaper change is right there. The portable sinks are mounted to the change station, which is designed to meet all safety requirements. It has a seven inch deep changing deck with a one inch thick cushion pad. This means that baby is not only safe, but also very comfortable. With immediate access to hot or cold water, portable sinks for daycare make clean up a breeze.
The configuration of portable sinks for daycare provides additional storage area under the change table. This is perfect for storing wet wipes, lotion, diapers, and extra changes of clothes for kids.

The basic configurations for the cabinets are great, but I need some additional storage in my portable sinks for daycare use. What are my options?

Most people find that the standard cabinet storage options under the change tables or the extra storage cabinet offer all the storage that they need. In the event that you require additional drawers, cabinets, or other customized options they can be provided. Staff will talk to you to determine just what you are asking for with your portable sinks for daycare and then design a custom cabinet to meet those needs.

There are also some features that can help with storage of commonly used items. A wire holder for disposable gloves can be mounted on the inside of the cabinet door, in an open space or even on the outside of the cabinet to limit the need to have the box just sitting around on the cabinet top.

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