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It's Not Your Mom's Laundry Basket

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

What options are available in laundry carts that could be used for both soiled and clean laundry transportation in large facilities?
There are a huge range of different options in transport carts for both soiled and clean laundry and linens. Some of the most popular for small loads and requirements are the wire carts, which are similar to the carts used in many public laundry facilities. They are ideal for moving through hallways and in rooms plus they are designed to be easy on staff for loading an unloading. Often these types of baskets are used in the laundry itself to move loads between the washers and dryers. With their lightweight frame yet large load capacity they are a tried and true option that is very durable for years of use.

For larger bulk movement of all types of linen items a transport basket type of laundry cart is a time saver. These large capacity bins on wheels have enough capacity to remove the linens from several rooms in one easy pass. Smaller options may be made of a variety of different materials including fiberglass, poly and vinyl/nylon laminate on aluminum or aluminum and stainless steel frames. Although slightly heavier than the wire options they are very durable and resistant to any type of damage even with heavy and continual use.

Some of the poly linen carts have an optional hinged lid that allows the cart to be closed between uses or during use. These carts may also be able to tilt, allowing very easy emptying of the contents of the cart at the laundry facility. These carts can also double for other transport of items as needed within a facility provided they do not exceed the recommended weight capacity of the individual cart.

In a different usage situations what is the best option in a laundry cart?

Narrow designs in wire basket carts are an excellent option in very small spaces or when limited movement of laundry is required. These carts will hold a standard load of laundry and, because of their narrow size, are very easily to maneuver in tight spaces. In busy hallways and traffic areas they are a good option since they are narrower than standard types of laundry carts. 

Another option for a limited use type laundry basket is a folding option. This linen cart is on wheels and is easy to move through the facility. When not in use it is folded up to lie flat, allowing it to be stacked against a wall or stored easily in a closet or supply area. It most closely resembles a hamper and can easily be left in a room and picked up when full. This makes these very practical in a wide range of settings including locker rooms, patient rooms, dormitories and kitchens. In addition the bag is easily washed and dried with the laundry, providing a practical way to keep equipment in top shape.

Are there any types of laundry carts that can be safely used in laboratory environments where acids and chemicals may be present on clothing and supplies that will be carried in the cart?

One of the biggest concerns in using standard types of hospital or industrial use linen carts in areas where acids and chemicals are used is that the carts may be damaged or there may be reactions with the cart material. In addition contamination from leaks may spread chemicals throughout the facility if the cart is not designed to prevent leaks. Using fiberglass carts prevents this issue. The fiberglass is resistant to chemical action and, even when acids are present, will not leak, stain or become damaged with exposure. They are also designed with a seamless bottom, ensuring there are no potential weak points in the bin. These carts come in a variety of sizes and options, including an optional soft cover which allows the cart to be easily converted into a storage space for either soiled or clean items.

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