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Precise Medication with Precise SECA Scales

Friday, September 21, 2012

Emergency Departments (ED) possess high stress environments, making the positions of an emergency room nurse and physician one of the most challenging in medicine.  Time-critical decisions on life-and-death situations are vital in emergency care settings and can often cause doctors to quickly estimate a patient’s weight upon arrival.

With weight being a critical indicator to calculate the appropriate medication dose, it‘s no wonder that emergency departments see the highest number of preventable medication errors in hospitals,
according to the National Center of Health Statistics. Seca takes a strong stance in providing frontline care with cutting-edge measurement solutions and breakthrough technologies that allow you to obtain precise patient measurements quickly and accurately to improve patient outcomes.

With medication errors associated with inaccurate patient weight ranging from 20% to 40% nationwide, it is essential to have an array of measuring and weighing devices in the ED to easily obtain an accurate patient weight. Ranging from stretcher scales, chair scales, and portable standing scales, SECA offers a variety of solutions to best suit your facility.

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