Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Top Four Questions You Need Answered about Insulin Resistance: Part 2

Who is Most Likely to Get Insulin Resistance? You are more likely to have insulin resistance is someone else in your family has already been diagnosed with it, as there seems to be a genetic component. In addition, those who smoke, are sedentary, and who eat high carbohydrate diets also seem to be at a greater risk. Are There Any Medications that Help Insulin Resistance? Right now, there are only a few medications that are being used to help those with severe cases of insulin resistance. These medications help to treat type 2 diabetes and the way the body responds to insulin: biguanides and thiazolidinediones. Of course, most doctors are more supportive of changing the lifestyle first before using medications for insulin resistance. What Tests Will My Doctor Do to Confirm Insulin Resistance? If you are concerned you might have insulin resistance, you can ask your doctor for the following tests:
  • Blood glucose – This will set the control point for the other tests. You will have your blood drawn to see how high your sugar levels are.
  • Insulin levels – This is also a blood test that checks your insulin levels.
  • Glucose tolerance – You will be asked to drink a very sweet drink and then your blood sugar will be tested at regular intervals to see if it remains high
  • Fasting glucose – After not eating overnight and before the test, your blood is tested first thing in the morning to see how low or high your sugar level is
Each of these tests will see what your body is doing in relation to sugar and in relation to insulin. If your body is not responding normally, you might be diagnosed with insulin resistance or even diabetes.


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