Monday, August 18, 2008

What are the benefits to the medical staff in using patient gowns?

Understandably, when the subject of patient gowns comes up, the focus is on the patient’s comfort. However, these gowns can provide a great deal of benefit to the doctor and nursing staff. It is much easier to for a medical professional to do their job when easy access to the patient is possible. especially in cases where the patient needs to have a catheter or needs an IV put in, patient gowns can preserve modesty for the patient, but still allow the medical professional to do the necessary work.
With the various styles and designs of patient gowns available, it’s much easier to pick the right one for the different aspects of medicine. Some patient gowns have even been made to allow for changing the gown without having to make the patient sit up in critical cases.
What styles and colors are available in patient gowns?
Just like sterile apparel for medical professionals, it’s possible to find all kinds of colors and patterns available with patient gowns. Everyone from kids to the elderly appreciate feeling like some effort was made in their gown choice. Medical procedures can make patients feel like they are losing their dignity and identity. Providing attractive patient gowns can make a lot of difference.
Patient gowns can be purchased in the traditional white or blue. You can also find all kinds of patterns in unique colors, from a discreet plaid to bright, fun patterns for children. Some doctors even choose to have specially made patient gowns created with the logo of their office or an image that reflects the type of specialty of their practice. It adds a personal touch that simply can’t be duplicated with the standard issue patient gowns.

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