Thursday, June 11, 2009

What are the dimensions of a portable AED defibrillator?

Each different model and brand of portable AED defibrillator is going to be slightly different in size, shape and weight. Most portable AED defibrillators will measure approximately 3 inches in height, 12 inches in length or depth and about 10 inches in width. They are designed to be easily stored in small spaces or specific containers that can be mounted to the wall or used in a first response vehicle. For schools, public buildings, gyms and even community centers the containers and portable AED defibrillator devices are often stored or kept in the same area as the fire alarms, which allows the first person on the scene to alert the fire department as well as access the portable AED defibrillator all at one time. Most portable AED defibrillator will weigh in at about six to ten pounds, again with easy portability the key in design. Can a portable AED defibrillator be connected to the internet to share information? Most newer models of portable AED defibrillators will come equipped with a serial port or a USB port that will allow connection to a laptop or computer and then to the internet. This is essential for many emergency medical services that may be responding to significant cases of trauma and injury. In addition most portable AED defibrillators also have internal memories that record and time stamp all readings, actions and electronic monitoring that the equipment does. This information can then be accessed via those ports to assist doctors and emergency medical staff when they arrive on the scene. What training do I need to have to use a portable AED defibrillator? The whole purpose of having fully automated portable AED defibrillators is that the person using the equipment doesn't need specific medical training, although if trained individuals are present it is recommended that they use the equipment. All that is required is that the individual operating the equipment attach the self-adhesive, self-gelled pads to the victim's chest. The machine then reads the heart's electric impulses and determines if a shock needs to be administered to regulate the heart rhythm. When the machine determines that the heart needs to be shocked, it will signal the battery that will immediately charge the system then administer the therapeutic shock. The individual operating the system does not have to make this decision, nor does he or she have to push a button or tell the machine what to do in any fashion. The portable AED defibrillator then continues to monitor the heart's response and will subsequently determine if any further impulses are needed. Can I get training in using a portable AED defibrillator? Yes, many organizations that offer first aid certification and classes also include portable AED defibrillator training in their workshops. Generally organizations such as the American Safety and Health Institute, the American Red Cross, and the American Heart Association offer trainings. In addition manufacturers of the portable AED defibrillators typically provide in house training or provide a DVD of how to use the equipment.

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