Monday, July 27, 2009

How detailed are anatomical skull models?

The very latest in technology when it comes to recreating castes and replications of the finest structures in the skull allows an amazing amount of detail in the newest anatomical skull models. The very crevices, ridges and small protrusion of the interior and exterior parts of the skull and jawbone can be easily seen in lifelike quality, as if studying an actual human skull. The newer types of anatomical skull models are also very light weight, however they do have the coloration and texture of actual human bone, providing a very accurate presentation for a student or patient to examine. There are different levels of detail to choose from when selecting anatomical skull models. It may not always be important to have the very finest details, however in most teaching situations the more accurate the model the more effective the teaching and learning will be. Is it possible to have the cervical bones and dental aspects included in anatomical skull models? There are several different types of anatomical skull models that include both the cervical vertebrae as well as different aspects of the dental structure of the upper and lower jaws. Since this information is important to more than just medical students, these models are popular with dental students, physical therapy students, chiropractor trainings and other technician type trainings. Including more than just the skull allows students and others to understand how different injuries or issues within the jaw or the spine could result in other health issues that may not, at least at first glance, seem to be related physiologically. For teaching or patient consultation options most skulls come with color coding with regards to the major areas of the brain as well as blood flow through major vessels and color coding of the major nerves. Some skull models also have model brains contained within the skull, perfect for understanding and viewing both the internal and external anatomical skull models. What are the best options for anatomical skull models for teaching at a more advanced level than a basic skull model? Basic skull models are typically just the skull and may include the skull dividing into two or four parts, depending on the specific description for those types of anatomical skull models. For more advanced types of training or consultation with patients a good option is one of the didactic anatomical skull models. These models have one part of the skull, usually the left side, fully covered in the skull, looking very much like a traditional model. The right side, however, may be fully transparent on the skull section, allowing the student or patient to see under the bones to the actual parts of the brain. In addition the major blood vessels and nerves are also color coded inside the transparent brain section for easy identification and viewing. Typically the didactic models can also be disassembled to show the inner or central brain parts and sections. Each of these anatomical skull models will offer different features and options, however they all provide a very detailed look into the human brain.

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