Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Are there hospital treadmills that are designed specifically for bariatric patients?

There are different styles of hospital treadmill models that can suit a wide variety of patient needs. Bariatric patients with body weights of up to 800 pounds can safely use these types of hospital treadmills while feeling very supported and secure. The handrails extend the full length of the treadmill and do not slope off, providing a firm gripping surface all along the treadmill. The motors are specially designed for a continuous duty of up to 2 horsepower, ensuring a steady, even pace. As with any type of treadmill the bariatric hospital treadmill models come with a variety of features. They have several speeds from a gentle walking pace through to a high of 12.5 miles per hour. They also have an incline option of up to 25 percent or minus 25 percent, providing additional support for the user. The treadmill itself is built with a very durable shock absorbing tread, preventing any type of footstrike shock that can lead to leg and foot injuries. What are the most important features on a hospital treadmill? One of the most essential elements of a hospital treadmill is that it has to be user friendly and easy to operate. Keep in mind that a variety of patients with different rehabilitation programs are going to be using the equipment, so simple is always the best option. Digital readouts of speed, incline, time and even calories burned can be used both for recording as well as goal setting. Easy to see digital information helps to keep the patient involved in their progress and also be able to manage the controls themselves without having to rely on staff for assistance. Safety should also be a big consideration with hospital treadmills. They need to be durable and strong, but also have emergency features such as stop buttons and even specialized clips that can be attached to the individual and the treadmill. If the clip is pulled out because the individual is moving backwards on the treadmill, the machine immediately stops. This prevents spills off the back of the treadmill and adds an additional layer of safety and security for the user and the staff. What are the major uses of hospital treadmills in the health care system? Hospital treadmills are found in many different areas of the hospital, hospice, long term care facility or clinic. Hospital treadmills can be used for completing various types of stress tests including cardiovascular testing and respiratory testing. They can also be used in any type of patient rehabilitation program, especially for those recovering from surgery or trauma. Hospital treadmills can also be located in patient activity areas and gyms, especially in long term care facilities. Since they are easy to use and low impact exercise options, they are perfect for almost any patient with basic mobility to use. Hospital treadmills can also be a great additional to staff rooms and lounges, providing an option for some indoor walking and exercise on breaks or when working those long night shifts.

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