Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Are there different types of nebulizers for children and adults?

There are several different types of nebulizers that can be used for both children or adults, but there are also specialized nebulizers just for children. For older children nebulizers in the shape of checkered cabs are a fun way to allow breathing treatments to occur without looking like a medical procedure. These devices are easy to use for the child as all they have to hold is the mouthpiece, the "cab" sitting on the table includes the pump, filters and the power supply. There are also duck shapes, fire trucks, bears and penguins among several other styles and designs developed to be less frightening and complicated for younger kids.
Adults and older, more mature children also have several choices in styles of nebulizers. Micro-mist types of nebulizers are designed to provide an even, fine administration of the bronchodilator medication in the correct size of low-micron particles.
Are there any options in respiratory care equipment to help with dry, bleeding noses or continuous runny noses due to colds, humidity problems and flu symptoms?
There are several options to help with dry air found in most homes and offices during the winter months. Air is dryer due to forced air type heating systems which remove the natural moisture from the air. This can result in more sinus problems, dry, bleeding noses and constant cold and sinus headaches. A device that works to spay a fine mist up into the nasal passage can provide immediate relief to dry, irritated nasal lining and reduce problems with nosebleeds and painful breathing. In addition the gentle cleansing action will also cause drainage of blocked sinuses, reducing runny noses and relieving sinus pressure and headaches.
Humidifiers can also be used in rooms or in conjunction with CPAP machines to help keep the air moist and soothing for your nose and airways. Always use humidifiers, especially with CPAP machines, according to your doctor's directions.
Is there anyway besides air purifiers and cleaners to remove allergens from a home?
There are several options to remove allergens from a home, although typically they are used in conjunction with a high quality HEPA air filtration system or a system that uses HEPA filters in combination with a UV light to kill microorganisms that may be too small for the HEPA filter. Disinfecting with a high quality germicide and fungicide is also a great option to remove any sites of mold, fungus or bacterial growth in the home. This is particularly important in areas that are naturally moist such as in the bathroom and the kitchen areas.
Dusting products can be used that trap and hold allergens, dust, dander and mold spores to the dusting cloth. These are different than furniture dusters or polishes as they actually trap and hold the allergen to the duster, not just allow it to be more easy collected. As with all products, using it in conjunction with everything listed above will be the most effective option for the entire home.

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