Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Electronic Medical Column Scales: An Extensive Range of Solutions

MSEC offers you a wide range of measuring and weighing solutions to provide to your customers. Our measuring stations and column scales are distinguished by high precision, with features that simplify and shorten everyday medical routines. Thanks to the combination of scale and measuring rod, weight and height can be digitally obtained in a single procedure. There is no longer any effort involved in figuring out a patients BMI, since it appears automatically on the display after weight and height are taken.
• Capacity: 660 lbs / 300 kg
• Wireless EMR-integration
• Heel positioner and integrated Frankfurt line for precise positioning
• Multi-function touch display shows weight, height and BMI
• Capacity: 550 lbs / 250 kg
• EMR compatible with option
• Large head piece on rod for exact positioning of head
• Integrated measuring rod for automatic BMI calculation

• Capacity: 550 lbs / 250 kg
• Wireless EMR-integration
• Oversized cast iron base
• Transport castors for mobile use
• Measuring rod is included

• Capacity: 450 lbs / 200 kg
• Low-maintenance and economical battery operation
• Non-slip platform guarantees a safe and secure foothold
• Measuring rod is included


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