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Sinus Infections And Post Nasal Drip?

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

We carry Breathe-Ease Nasal Spray and Irrigation Solution and Breathe-Ease XL Nasal Wash System. Breathe-Ease is a new moisturizing and irrigation solution for the nose that is both effective and economical. Breathe-ease unique "Ringers-Locke" solution is formulated to approximate the body's natural salinity and electrolyte composition. This unique formulation is reported in medical journals best for nasal cilia to prevent the nasal cilia from slowing due to infection, allergy, and contagion and more appropriate than regular saline. Breathe-Ease is additive-free, and is as economical as possible. The spray bottle that is included in the purchase can be used as a spray to irrigate directly, or just as drops. However, usage of this product by patients has shown that better cleaning of sinus infections and post nasal drip is achieved by using with a sinus irrigator.

Will Donut Cushion Help My 90 Year Old Grandfather?

I have a 90 yr old grandfather who is sitting 90% of the time. He has sores on his bottom. Do you think Item #: GRL-201IMDMM the donut cushion will help him? or what do you recommend? The donut cushion would probably not provide sufficient level of comfort for your grandafather. You may wish to look into a wheelchair cushion. Wheel chair cushions are designed specifically for individuals who have to be in a seated position for an extended period of time. Please see our selection below: Wheelchair Cushions 12 in - 14 in Wheelchair Cushions 16 in - 18 in Wheelchair Cushions Bariatric 20 in - 30 in Wheelchair Cushions Whellchair Pads & High / Low Profile Cushions

How Would I Decide About The Type Of Catheter To Use?

There are numerous types of catheters available. The selection of a proper type of catheter would have to start at your doctor's office. Once your condition is evaluated, the doctor can recommend the appropriate catheter type and model. For our selection of catheters, please see below: Catheters External Catheters Foley Catheter Irrigation Tray Foley Catheters & Insertion Trays Intermittent & Straight Catheters Leg & Belly Bags Suction Catheters