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Monday, November 07, 2005

My grandmother is very old and cannot live by herself anymore. She needs someone to take care of her but rather than admit her to a nursing home or some other managed healthcare facility, we’ve elected to care for her at home. Her range of mobility is already severely limited and I fear she’s only going to get worse. I can only foresee her being bed ridden for a long time. What can I do or what products will prevent bedsores, keep her comfortable, etc? Thanks for your advice. Some of the most underrated pieces of medical equipment are hospital beds and hospital bed mattresses. These items are highly versatile and keep patients, especially elderly patients who are bed ridden, comfortable and secure. To ensure your grandmother is safe and comfortable, as well as preventing bed sores, pressure sore ulcers, and maintaining proper blood flow, it is important for you to have a hospital bed that is easy to maneuver and operate as well as a proper hospital bed mattress that can alternate pressures. Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary defines a bedsore as: “Pressure sore, esp. over a bony prominence. Consists of ulceration and gangrene of a localized area due to pressure from prolonged confinement in bed or from a cast or splint. Emaciated, weak, or elderly patients and those who must remain in one position because of orthopedic or similar problems are esp. likely to develop bedsores. Bedsores are located on bony prominences that are thinly covered with flesh as the end of the spine, buttocks, heels, elbows, shoulder blades, and back of the head and ears in children. Predisposing Causes: Any factor that interferes with the circulation of the blood and mobility of the patient; prolonged fever; emaciation; obesity; paralysis; old age or senility; poorly made beds or those containing irritating bits of debris; lack of cleanliness; bruising; infrequent change of positions; cardiac diseases, nephritis, diabetes, anemia, etc. Treatment: Best nursing care possible because prevention is easier than a cure; prophylactic measures in keeping the bed dry and clean; relieving the pressure as soon as the first signs of redness appear; report to the nurse in charge or attending physician at once; use the prescribed medication as directed by the physician. Thorough drying of skin after baths and gentle massage with alcohol to harden the skin and for stimulation and circulation; frequent change of position of patient if possible; exposure of area and protection of skin by silicone or similar preparation such as tincture of benzoin; maintenance of proper nutrition; chemical or surgical debridement of ulcers; use of sheepskin under vulnerable area; placing patient on special air bed or flotation bed.” There is one clear idea presented in the above definition: the importance of proper hospital beds and hospital bed mattresses. We offer a wide array of these products for you to choose from. Click on the links below and take a moment to evaluate these inventories: Hope this advice helps.


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