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Thursday, November 03, 2005

My friend needs a lift to transfer her from the wheel chair to the bed. Do you have something like that? What you need is a Hoyer Lift and there are a number of specific models for you to choose from. Please see links below: LP30 Electric Patient Lifter LP10 Deluxe Patient Lifter LP15 Basic Patient Lifter LP50 Bariatric Patient Lifter Be sure to take into account your friend’s weight and who will be operating the Hoyer Lift as these are the two biggest factors to consider when purchasing the appropriate Hoyer Lift. As well, be sure to purchase the appropriate sling for your lift: LS10 Universal Chain Sling LS12 Commode Chain Sling LS30 Chain Free Sling LS35 Commode Chain Free Sling LS50 Bariatric Chain Sling For more information, check this out: Hoyer Lift Information Page.


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