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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Due to my worsening arthritis, I’m experiencing considerable mobility problems. I have trouble getting in and out of bed as well as rising from my chair. Sometimes walking can even be painful. I also find it difficult to stand for long times. I do take medication for pain but it’s highly addictive and I’m attempting alternative treatments. Can you give me ideas about what products would be helpful for someone in my condition? There’s a wide variety of Mobility Products for you to consider. Of course, the severity of your condition and your pain threshold are very important factors to account for when determining the exact products that will best suit you. Also take into consideration your lifestyle. Having an active lifestyle or a sedentary one can greatly influence the need for one product over another. Ultimately the decision for your specific needs for mobility products is up to you and your primary care provider. Here is line of mobility products that is certain meet your needs: Walkers Rollators Mobility Scooters Seating Lift Assistants Low Medical Bed For more information on these products, please review the following information pages: Medical Walkers Rollators Medical Beds


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