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Monday, January 02, 2006

Is there anything I need to know about safety while using my hospital bed? There are a number of things to keep in mind regarding safe operation and maintenance of your hospital bed. Please refer to the list below and if you have a more specific question, please ask and it will be addressed later.
  • Follow the specific manufacturer's instructions for using the bed. Learn to use the control pad and practice the different positions. Test the bed's controls to be sure the bed is working correctly. Some hospital bed controls may be locked so that a person in bed cannot change bed positions themselves. If the bed has this feature, test it to be sure its working correctly.
  • Keep the wheels of the bed locked at all times. Unlock the wheels only to move it.
  • Put a bell and a telephone within reach of the bed. These should be available so the person may call for help when needed.
  • Keep the side rails up. If there is danger of the person falling off the bed, keep the rails up at all times.
  • Never light matches, candles, or smoke while in or around the bed.
  • Put night-lights in the room. They may help prevent falls.
  • Put the bed control pad within easy reach for the person to adjust positions.
  • Check for cracks and damage to the covering of the bed controls. If the covers are damaged, liquids may get into the controls and damage them.
  • Keep the floor beneath and around the bed clean and free from dust and lint build-up.
  • Call the bed manufacturer or another professional if there are unusual sounds coming from the bed. Call if the bed controls are not working correctly or if there are any other defects in operation.

Hope that helps.


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