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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

My daughter has asthma and our family doctor suggested that I get a breathing machine. Do you have any suggestions which would be the best for her? There is a large variety of nebulizer & compressor machines designed to meet your daughter’s needs. Whether she needs a breathing treatment at home or while she’s on the go, there are different models made for just about any setting you can think of. Click the links below to evaluate some different nebulizer & compressor machines: Aero-Mist LT Nebulizer/Compressor Machine This model provides treatments at 30-35 PSI and 11 LPM and features thermal protector to prevent overheating. With electrical requirements of 110 volts and 60Hz, it can be used safely just about anywhere. Freeway Freedom Nebulizer This model offers the convenience and freedom to treat whenever and wherever. It reduces treatment time by delivering medication faster and with higher quality aerosol, small particle size gets medication deep into lungs. It uses AC, 12 volt DC or battery power. It comes with a rechargeable battery pack that delivers as many as six treatments in a single charge and 2,000 treatments before replacement. MICROAir Ultrasonic Nebulizer This model is tubeless and cordless, providing unmatched portability and ease of operation. Mini Plus Nebulizer/Compressor Machine This model is perfect for pediatric patients on the go. Featuring 35 psi and a 17 lpm maximum flow, this unit provides shorter treatment times and greater patient compliance. This model comes complete with filters and a start-up nebulizer circuit. To evaluate a wide variety of nebulizer & compressor systems, follow the link below: Nebulizer & Compressor Machines Hope that helps.


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