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Things to Keep in Mind When Considering a Commerical Food Warmer

Monday, April 21, 2008

If you're beginning to shop for commercial food warmers, you've already realized just how difficult this process can be. With all of the choices available, the warmers all begin to look the same. And you have questions that you need answered. Here are some of the most common questions a kitchen supervisor needs to know. How Hot Will the Commercial Food Warmer Be?
Though you will typically not be cooking in commercial food warmers, many of these models can heat foods up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a safe temperature at which meats and cooked dairy products can be served without fear of bacteria growth and food borne illness. On the outside of each warmer is a thermometer that you can watch at regular intervals, even logging the temperature for the health department and for your own safety controls However, it's not typically recommended that you cook raw foods in these warmers. That's best left to more conventional means of cooking and food preparation. Can I Move the Commercial Food Warmer?
With strong casters on the bottom of most commercial food warmers, it's easy to move the equipment from one area of the hospital to the next. Or you can move the warmer from one part of the kitchen to the next when it has been filled. Of course, you will need to keep the power on if you want to maintain the internal temperature for a long period of time, but often the temperature will not approach a dangerous level for many hours if the door remains closed. What Will the Commercial Food Warmers Store or Heat?
Many hospitals tend to utilize a commercial food warmer for breads that are already baked or for the dough before it is baked. But foods that have already been cooked and are sitting in plates or serving dishes are also easily stored in these cabinets until they are ready to be served. Of course, only foods that are heated should be stored in this cabinet. What are the Special Features of a Commercial Food Warmer?
Many commercial food warmers will come with separate sections to help you store both already cooked breads and those that are simply being proofed for baking. The ledges that fill the cabinet will also provide for ease of cleaning and of storing various trays in the warmer. The flat ledges allow for simply wiping down of the interior. The seal around the door is going to keep the temperatures from changing when the unit is moved from one area to the next as well. What Sizes of Warmers are Available?
There are numerous configurations of commercial food warmers and this makes sense for the unique needs of hospitals and other medical facilities. By choosing a commercial food warmer that's large enough for your biggest baking days, you will be able to hold all finished products with ease. Some hospitals also like to have smaller warmers on hand to supplement their larger cabinets. Food warmers can be categorized into the following categories;
Below is a list of other food service delivery products:

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