Monday, April 21, 2008

What Features Do Medical Respiratory Ventilators Come With?

Whether you are caring for a patient in their home or in the hospital setting, the choice of a medical respiratory ventilator is an important one. By providing assistance with breathing, medical respiratory ventilators can be the most important part of the healing process. Depending on the brand you choose, there are a number of different features for a medical respiratory ventilator. For example, some machines come with:

  • Both volume and pressure control ventilation
  • Long battery life for extended mobility
  • Can be used for pediatric (as small as 5kg) and adult patients
  • Flow and/or Pressure triggering
  • Internal dial-in PEEP
  • Internal memory and modem allow access to stored data, providing a tool to troubleshoot alarms and evaluate effectiveness of patient settings.
  • Pressure support to enhance weaning and improve patient comfort
  • Expiratory sensitivity improves patient synchrony by allowing the clinician to adjust the percent of peak in flow
  • Internal pure oxygen blending for delivery of about 21% to 100% oxygen

While the features of various medical respiratory ventilators will vary, you should be choosing something that's portable, reliable, and accurate in terms of the monitoring the patient's oxygen levels as well as comfort with the ventilator itself. A portable medical respiratory ventilator that's lightweight will be helpful should the patient need to be transported to the hospital for a procedure.

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