Wednesday, March 26, 2008

How Long Will My Portable Oxygen Tank Last Me?

Another benefit to a portable oxygen tank is that it needs only to be refilled, so it tends to be able to be used again and again. So long as it's still free from damage and any other defects, some patients have used their tanks many more times than just once. These tanks are also made out of a recyclable material, so in some cases, they can be recycled and reshaped into 'new' tanks, thus extending their ability to help again and again. All you need to do is to take it to an oxygen supplier that can refill the tank as well as test it for its efficiency and flow. While it's hard to say how long portable oxygen tanks will last, most can last for years before needing to be replaced. If the oxygenation is still strong for the patient, there is no reason to replace the tank. Just continue to use an oxygen analyzer to make sure the flow is good and that the oxygenation for the patient is within the recommended levels. With portable oxygen tanks, you can choose between a number of sizes and shapes – whatever will work best for you or what your loved one needs based on size and capacity for their daily needs. Other related products to consider:

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