Monday, March 17, 2008

What Kinds of Spirometers are There?

When you first look at a spirometer, it can look like a torture device. But with practice, it's a very helpful tool when your lungs need to be monitored. And what's even better is that spirometers are designed to be fool proof – you won't be able to use it incorrectly and get a false reading. The inhalation only valve on spirometers makes sure of this.
You can find a number of different spirometer designs these days – those that are old fashioned and battery free or those that plug directly into your computer to keep track of your progress. Either is fine, though it's best to make sure you are getting accurate results and using the device regularly. For home use, a simple plastic design is fine, but if you need something more specific, an inexpensive Air-Eze Incentive Deep Breathing Spirometer Exerciser is probably a better fit for you. For most people, a pocket spirometers is just a fun little toy that you got at the hospital, used as directed and then threw in the back of your linen closet. But from time to time, why not use it to see how in shape you are and whether those hours on the elliptical or running track are paying off?
Are There Certain Times of Day When I Should Use the Spirometer? Some people find that the mornings are the worst times to use spirometers, while others have found the opposite to be true. Just as you should weigh yourself only once a week, you should only check your lung capacity at certain times of the day. This way, the reading will be consistent over the course of the weeks, rather than varied because you varied the times. It's also a good idea to stand or sit in the same position whenever you are measuring your breathing.

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