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Suggestions for Foot Care for Diabetics

Friday, May 09, 2008

Do You Know the Foot Care Rules for Diabetics? The foot care rules for diabetics might seem to be a long list of things to add to your day, but when you consider the alternatives - infections, gangrene, and infection – maybe adding a few extra steps to your day will actually add many more steps to your life. Here are some of the most common questions about foot care rules for diabetics. Will Activity Help My Circulation? Activity is one of the many recommendations in the foot care rules for diabetics, but many people don’t understand why. Each time you exercise, you make your body work harder. In order to keep oxygen flowing to your blood cells, your circulation needs to improve in this way – you're using more oxygen, after all, when you move more. And in doing so, your blood pumps harder, causing your circulation to be much more efficient. The benefits of more activity are long term and they can also help to prevent future circulation problems from becoming a hindrance to your life. What Warning Signs Should I Be Looking For? As you follow the basic foot care rules for diabetics, you will be looking at your feet often to note changes. But what should you be looking for? Swelling, blisters, cuts, sores, and redness are all signs that you might have troubles with your feet. You should be looking at every inch of your foot, in between the toes, on the bottoms of the feet, on the tops, etc. If you have troubles doing this basic check, use a mirror or enlist the help of a spouse or a friend. How Often Do I Need to Wash My Feet? In order to keep your feet clean as one of the basic foot care rules for diabetics, you need to wash your feet at least once a day. This will make sure that you are checking your feet regularly, while also removing any dirt and other debris that may have accumulated on your foot's surface. Just wash the surface with warm water and soap and dry completely. Is It Okay for Me to Go Barefoot? The foot care rules for diabetics also state that you can not go barefoot at any time. With all of the possible ways to injure your foot, you need to make sure your feet are covered with socks and shoes at all times. Don't worry; there are many stylish options in diabetic shoes and footwear. Should I Be Worried about the Temperature of My Feet? Since you can have nerve damage at your extremities, you might want to avoid hot and cold too when you are caring for your feet as one of the foot care rules for diabetics. This means, no walking on the hot pavement or sand without shoes or socks, as well as no walking around colder surfaces. Chances are good that while you might not be able to feel the temperature chances, you could also be burning yourself without realizing it or causing frostbite – both of which could result in infections. For additional information on diabetic shoes and footwear, for both women and men, please call us toll free at 1-877-706-4480 or visit or diabetic footwear section.

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