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The Most Important Questions You Forgot to Ask About Blood Glucose Monitors

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

When your doctor recommends that you use a blood glucose monitor for a few days, you might be a little shocked by the suggestion. To make sure you are making the best decision for your health as you can, here are questions that most patients forget to ask about blood glucose monitors. How Will The Blood Glucose Monitor Be Attached to Me? While each blood glucose monitor is different, the procedure is basically the same. A small glucose sensing device will be inserted into your abdominal skin. This happens quickly and then the sensor is taped into place. It will not hurt in most cases. The insertion can be done in your doctor's office or it might be done in a specialty clinic. What Will Blood Glucose Monitors Do? Again, this varies from device to device, but in most cases, the blood glucose monitor will check your sugar levels every 10 seconds or so, giving averages every five minutes. This gives your doctor a precise idea of how your blood sugar levels are varying over the next 72 hours or so, depending on how long your doctor wants you to wear the device.

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