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Are exam gowns just for use in medical offices or do other applications apply?

Monday, August 18, 2008

The most common place to find exam gowns is definitely in general practice offices. In many cases, exam gowns with special features are used in specialty practices. However, it isn’t uncommon to find exam gowns or other exam apparel in chiropractor practices and physical therapy facilities. The gowns could be in long or short. Pants, shorts, and shirts for exams are also very useful. As always it’s best to have a large assortment of sizes and exam types to ensure you are prepared for every patient.
In the paper exam gowns, what is the difference between coated and non coated gowns?
The coated exam gowns are covered with a poly or plastic like covering. The purpose of the coating is to ensure protection from any potentially hazardous fluid material in the doctor’s office.
Non coated paper exam gowns are ideal for situations in which the patient won’t have to wear the gown for very long. Some doctors just prefer to use the non coated versions to cut down on non biodegradable waste. Plain paper exam gowns can be recycled, especially if they aren’t soiled with any hazardous material.

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