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Besides paper, what other materials are used to make patient exam gowns?

Monday, August 18, 2008

We have already talked about paper exam gowns in some detail. There are other options as well. All cotton exam gowns are very popular with patients and doctors alike. They are very durable and well worth their price. Even with repeated washings, you can count on pure cotton to feel pleasant to your patient’s skin. For patients with skin allergies, cotton may be about the only thing that doesn’t cause irritation.
The other common choice of fabric made exam gowns is a cotton and polyester blend. These gowns may last a little longer than the all cotton options. Polyester is a pretty durable material. They tend to be hotter to wear than the all cotton variety, but overall, it is a very good choice.
Are exam gowns easy to come by and to use?
It doesn’t matter if you are ordering paper or cloth exam gowns; you won’t have any trouble getting a hold of the products you want. A reputable medical supply company will have a large variety of these gowns to pick from. Many medical offices find it more convenient to have both paper and cotton blend exam gowns on hand. That way, they can be sure their needs are always met.
Paper exam gowns usually come packaged in specific sizes and styles. Each box can contain up to 100 gowns. This makes for very easy access and distribution as the need arises. With the cloth exam gowns, you will want to arrange some kind of service to have your dirty gowns picked up and returned once they have visited a hospital quality laundry facility. Just for the safety of your patients, you will want to ensure that every cloth exam gown is properly laundered before it is used again.

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