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Do the sizes for boot covers work the same way as the sizes for disposable shoe covers?

Monday, August 18, 2008

Disposable shoe covers are made with the one size fits all philosophy. It’s pretty rare to find shoe covers in varying sizes. For extremely small or large shoes, some manufacturers make specialty shoe covers. As for boot covers, they are usually sized more intimately. The assumption is typically made that boot covers will be worn by men. For this reason, boot covers come in sizes like large, extra large, and XX large. They should be able to fit a men’s shoe size from about an 8 to a fifteen or so.

How are boot covers worn?

Boot covers are meant to be placed over work boots like disposable shoe covers are for shoes. They usually have draw ties or elastic at the top to completely protect the floor and boot. Just because boot covers are usually used for more physical work than shoe covers, almost every boot cover make has a traction feature built in.

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