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How can a digital dental x-ray machine save my dental practice money and space?

Friday, August 29, 2008

Most of the time, when you think about buying a new, technology driven product and the first concern is money. New products don’t tend to be money savers, especially on the front end. However, with this innovative way to take x-rays, you are spared the expense of processing film and the other costly dental supplies necessary to make a traditional x-ray machine work. Your dental office will also save money in employee time. Getting picture perfect images is faster and frees up time for other projects, which is certainly a money saver.

One complaint that is often heard about traditional x-ray machines is how much space they take up. A digital dental x-ray machine is smaller and more compact than traditional x-ray machines and will fit in your limited space much easier.

What kind of quality can I expect to get out of a new or even refurbished digital dental x-ray machine?

It’s not going to come as any surprise to you, considering you went to dental school and all, to learn that teeth are pretty small in the grand scheme of things. That means that you need detailed x-ray images of the entire mouth interior in order to accurately detect and treat problems. You will be thrilled to find out that digital technology allows for sharper x-ray images than the more traditional methods. Especially with those hard to see, and reach, places in between the teeth, finding cavities and other common problems will take less time because of the improved quality of the x-ray images. The speed you can expect to have the images in is pretty important as well.

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