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What are the best uses for cotton pliers or forceps?

Friday, August 29, 2008

It doesn’t take a lot of thought to find useful applications for cotton pliers. With their tapered portions and comfortable angle from the handle, it’s pretty easy to see how these tools can be utilized. Forceps are outstanding for delivering liquid medication to infected teeth or gum sections. Some dentists use forceps to numb parts of the gum in preparation for the anesthesia injection. Cotton pliers also help keep the dental procedure sterile by allowing the dentist to place and remove cotton rolls from the mouth. They can also be used to extract small pieces of mouth debris, like broken tooth in the case of a tooth extraction.
How many different types of dental explorers are needed for a dental office?
Despite their torturous appearance, dental explorers are vital for diagnosing cavities and gum disease, especially when they occur in the hard to see areas in between the teeth. Like many of the other hand held dental instruments, dental explorers are available in all kinds of different sizes and styles. The easiest answer to the question of how many of those styles are needed is really up to each dentist. Some have a favorite few, while other dental professionals are more comfortable having a huge variety of explorers at their disposal.

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