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What is the function of dental instruments in the modern dental office?

Friday, August 29, 2008

People in every type of job have gotten spoiled by modern technology. There does come a time in every professional’s life when they find that the tools of the past are vital in doing their job correctly. This is certainly true for dentists and other dental professionals. Without the simple, yet necessary tools like cotton pliers, mouth mirrors, and dental explorers, good dental care is impossible. The function of the traditional dental instruments in a modern dental office is to help diagnose problems as well as play an important role in the correction process too. As of yet, there haven’t been any machines that can replace the precision of a well trained dentist with the correct instruments in his or her hands.
How many options are available in mouth mirrors?
Considering that the mouth mirror is the first tool any good dental assistant or dentist reaches for to perform an exam, it’s understandable to want to be sure the most effective is in your medical office. Like everything else, each dental professional has their preference for mouth mirrors. They can be ordered in a variety of lengths and in some cases, the mirrored heads can be found in oval and round shapes as well for the perfect fit in the mouth. Obviously, that feature helps to provide wonderful patient care. Other than the size and shape of the tool, mouth mirrors also come in magnifying or plane glass style. Clearly, magnifying increases the size of the image, while plane glass shows an image in actual size. It’s up to the dentist which type he or she prefers.

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