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Who should wear protective lead aprons in the medical and dental fields?

Friday, August 29, 2008

The answer to that question is pretty simple. Absolutely everyone who is in the vicinity of the x-ray machine or in the room should be protected with lead aprons. That means the patient should be covered as much as possible and still able to get the needed x-ray images. The technician should certainly be protected as much as possible to leave the tech able to do his or her job. It’s easy to become lax about this important safety measure if you do it day in and day out, but that kind of radiation exposure is extremely dangerous which makes lead protection essential. It’s also a good idea to keep untrained people out of the x-ray departments and rooms.

What types of specialty lead aprons are available?

Fortunately, medical and dental manufacturers have seen the need for various and specialized lead aprons. For women, lead aprons designed to protect the growing fetuses in pregnant women are common. Some dentists or doctors may even have considered the needs of their large breasted patients and have lead aprons sufficiently designed to protect the entire area. Of course, women aren’t the only patients who need a little extra care and protection. Aprons are made for men that shield the groin area, as it is a known fact that radiation can do serious harm to a man’s reproductive system. You also can’t forget about the littlest patients. Lead aprons from the newborn size on up to cover the teenage years are available to ensure that young patients are properly cared for as well.

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