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Should you go for halogen or incandescent lights when you pick your standard dental exam lights?

Monday, September 22, 2008

There are all kinds of factors to consider when you are trying to decide between halogen and incandescent dental exam lights. With the incandescent you can guarantee you won’t have any trouble finding replacement bulbs. As the older of the two kinds of lighting, things like maintenance and replacement are easier to access. However, it’s often harder to control the heat given off by these kinds of bulbs. On the other hand, with halogen lighting, you can look forward to longer bulb life and know your lighting is better for the environment than standard bulbs. Even though incandescent might be a little easier to find parts and labor for, halogen is quickly catching up and you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the products and services you need to keep your halogen dental exam lights working correctly. Between the two, it’s really up to your preferences.
Keep in mind that all kinds of dental exam lights are available in both styles of light bulbs. You will also find that manufacturers have worked hard to provide dental lighting options that are both functional and attractive.

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What is the best way for a new or financially savvy dental office to get good dental exam lights?

Like shopping for everything from a car to a house, considering the idea of buying used is always a possibility. There in nothing wrong with going with brand new dental exam lights if you can’t find what you need in the used department, but used lights are typically just as effective as newer models and can save your dental practice a great deal of money. It’s really up to the individual to decide whether or not they want to try out used dental exam lights. It’s also worth your time to think about watching out for good deals on new dental exam lights. When new models come out, many companies put their new, older model lights on sale. Your dental practice gets to save money and you and your patients get to enjoy high quality medical exam lighting in your practice. When do you need spot dental exam lights and which ones are best? As you well know, there are times in every dental practice when you need to get up close and personal. It simply won’t do to accidentally leave behind any decay on the teeth or fit an appliance wrong because you couldn’t see clearly. The ultra bright spot exam lights are perfect for helping you eliminate those kinds of errors in your practice. The good spot lights will come with a cooling temperature safety feature to protect the comfort and well being of both the dental professionals and the patients. You should also expect these dental exam lights to be able to be adjusted in terms of their brightness and location of light. Other important features to look for on this style of dental exam light include a swivel base for easy movement and a lampshade extension so the dentist can control the shadows that are visible.

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Is any other portable dental equipment necessary for having a working on the road dental office?

Thursday, September 04, 2008

As you can imagine, it’s pretty hard to take items like delivery units, sinks, dentist’s chairs, and assistant chairs with you out of the office. Like the portable dental chairs, there are options available in all of these items too. You can’t expect quite the same amount of comfort from the chairs, but there are many that are more than functional. As far as the sinks and delivery units are concerned, most of those have been designed to be so effective as to allow the dental professional to do his or her job without noticing much of a difference in the equipment.
If the dental practice is in a rural area and has a need of portable dental equipment, some enterprising dentists have even outfitted RVs, vans, or trucks as small, portable dental practices. Air compressors and other power providing generators give the technical support needed to take care of these unique patients. Along with the portable dental chair, the dentist and his or her assistant can make a positive difference in the lives of the patients regardless of their circumstances.

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Why would a dental practice have any need of portable dental chairs?

There is no doubt that most dental and medical practices are stationary. The age of house calls has been past for quite some time. However, some dedicated dentists have discovered that in some cases, a portable office is the only way some of their patients can receive care. Some patients may be hospitalized and unable to come to the office. Others might even be in jail and not allowed to make the trip even with police guard. The most likely patients in need of dental care outside the office are the elderly though. This special group of people often is homebound. In addition to having a portable dental chair, other portable things like portable sinks and delivery systems make the dental office on the road much more efficient.
How do you choose a portable dental chair for your practice?
When you discover a need for a portable dental chair, you will be pleased to learn that there are all kinds of options open to you. Some of these chairs are designed to be foot operated so the dental professional can still move the patient up or down as needed. These models tend to be a bit heavier and harder to move, but they are worth the work if this kind of patient chair is best for you. On the hand, the scissor legged portable dental chairs are very effective as well. Using the adjustable scissor legs to create the right height, the dental professional can ensure that he or she, as well as the patient, is comfortable and safe.
Features like removable cushions and lightweight carrying cases are other design additions to consider. The most important factor to consider when buying a portable dental chair is that it is functional and will work for your and your patients needs.

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What makes lead so effective in protecting people from the adverse and dangerous effects of radiation poisoning?

Of all of the minerals and materials known to humankind, there are few that match lead in density. Anyone who has ever worn a lead apron knows how heavy they feel. That heaviness is directly responsible for protecting people from radiation rays. Naturally, in order to expect the lead apron to do its job effectively, the aprons should be regularly examined for problems like small rips or tears. Any problems with the aprons that can’t be repaired are a sign that new lead aprons are necessary. It’s a good idea to have several different sizes and kinds on hand to be able to accommodate every patient safely. Are there any extra protective radiation products in addition to lead aprons that can be used to protect medical and dental professionals from radiation rays?

When it comes to patients undergoing x-ray procedures, radiation protection is limited. Only the areas not to be imaged can be covered. Luckily, most people have x-rays so infrequently that there is little risk involved. The professionals who actually take the x-rays on the other hand, do this work everyday and need more lead protection to be sure. For them, tags have been made that detect the amount of radiation in the environment at all times. Those tags are just another way to make sure the staff is safe and protected.

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