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What makes lead so effective in protecting people from the adverse and dangerous effects of radiation poisoning?

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Of all of the minerals and materials known to humankind, there are few that match lead in density. Anyone who has ever worn a lead apron knows how heavy they feel. That heaviness is directly responsible for protecting people from radiation rays. Naturally, in order to expect the lead apron to do its job effectively, the aprons should be regularly examined for problems like small rips or tears. Any problems with the aprons that can’t be repaired are a sign that new lead aprons are necessary. It’s a good idea to have several different sizes and kinds on hand to be able to accommodate every patient safely. Are there any extra protective radiation products in addition to lead aprons that can be used to protect medical and dental professionals from radiation rays?

When it comes to patients undergoing x-ray procedures, radiation protection is limited. Only the areas not to be imaged can be covered. Luckily, most people have x-rays so infrequently that there is little risk involved. The professionals who actually take the x-rays on the other hand, do this work everyday and need more lead protection to be sure. For them, tags have been made that detect the amount of radiation in the environment at all times. Those tags are just another way to make sure the staff is safe and protected.

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