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What are some of the basic features you can expect to find in a shortwave diathermy system?

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Just like with any other type of equipment, you can order a shortwave diathermy with all the bells and whistles you could possibly want. For a basic unit system, you can expect to find the unit complete with 6 felt spacers, 2 cloth covers, and 2 elastic straps. 2 soft rubber capacitive pads for treating patients and a power cord are also part of the tools that are included with the purchase of a new shortwave diathermy system. Of course, each unit will have a full manual and instruction book to ensure that you can operate the unit easily and also be sure that the unit is properly cared for and the responsible person in your office knows how to take care of the system.
Finally, your new shortwave diathermy unit is about 15 lbs. and is 7 inch by 14 inches, by 16.5 inches in diameter. You can expect your warranty to cover the main system for about 2 years, while the applicators and accessories usually are covered for the first year.
What are some of the medical problems you can successfully treat with the use of a shortwave diathermy?
One of the biggest advantages of having a shortwave diathermy unit in your office is the large number of ailments and injuries this deep heat apparatus can help with. Some of the more common issues that are treated with this method include inflammation of the shoulder joint and elbow joint. Either patients with degeneration of the hips, knee, and neck from injuries or those who suffer from things like arthritis and cervical spondylosis are also helped by the addition of the healing heat from the shortwave diathermy.
Sports injuries and even traumatic injuries from accidents on the job or auto accidents can be relieved by shortwave diathermy as well. Ligament sprains in the knee, ankle, or any joint location are often treated with this beneficial therapy. Common low back pain and muscle damage is improved with the use of heat. Just like in the old days when sports medical professionals as well as regular medical professionals used heating pads to help reduce swelling and pain, shortwave diathermy does the same thing on a larger, more effective scale.

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