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What features should the dental professional look for high speed handpieces?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

With the huge assortment of positive benefits modern technology offers, there is virtually no limit to the advantages you should be able to find in a high speed handpiece. Let’s start with pricing. Even the most successful dental practices have to watch their spending if they want to stay on top. While price is certainly a consideration when it comes to purchasing a new high speed handpiece, this is one occasion when more may actually mean more. Still, a fair, reasonable price is among the first things to look for in a handpiece. Of course, regardless of how cost effective a purchase is, you still want to ensure top performance from your high speed handpiece. Be sure to check statistics like motor and torque durability. Special features like adjustable speeds and precision cutting guarantees are worthwhile investments as well. Naturally, you need a handpiece that can limit thermal damage to the teeth. You can save yourself some time by reviewing online reviews of the various high speed handpieces.
Are there features that can ensure a more comfortable dental experience in high speed handpieces for both the dentist and the patient?
Of course, there are features of the best high speed handpieces that will make life simpler for both the dental professional and the patient. For example, looking for a high speed handpiece model that is made to minimize vibration is better for the patient in preventing jarring and motion disturbances. Dental work is often upsetting for people and anything that can make it less stressful is a good thing. For the dentist, less vibration translate to less hand and arm fatigue as well as better control of the instrument. So, it’s a good idea to choose a handpiece that is known for reduced vibration.
Noise is another factor to think about when you are trying to choose the most pleasant high speed handpiece for both dentist and patient. The traditional high pitched, shrill sound of most handpieces is disturbing to say the least to many dental patients. Reducing this noise is a good way of promoting a good dental procedure experience. On the part of the dental professional, long term exposure to high pitched sounds can cause damage to the hearing. For the sake of you and your staff, purchasing a high speed handpiece with quiet operating sounds is going to be better for the office’s hearing.
When deciding on the purchase of a high speed handpiece, are there any other features or benefits to look for? Especially when you are buying a new piece of equipment for your practice, it’s a good idea to review what, if any, guarantees and warranties are offered with the piece. Of course, high speed handpieces are no exception. You want to be sure you are protected in the event of faulty equipment. Some companies offer the option of purchasing extended warranties on your high speed handpiece. Depending on the advantages offered, this might be a reasonable purchase for you to make.

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Are there other benefits to having a digital dental camera in the office?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

We have already touched on some of the advantages to digital dental camera technology in the office. As most dentists and doctors know getting necessary treatments approved by insurance companies is becoming more and more difficult. With the undeniable proof of dental disease or problems provided by the digital dental camera, you and your staff should have an easier time convincing the dental insurance companies that your patients have legitimate needs. It’s also no surprise to you in your line of work that some people are afraid of dental work and will avoid having the necessary work done if they can at all avoid it. Once again, with full color images at your disposal, you might find that the evidence is enough to encourage the least motivated of your patients to allow you to take the right steps to restore oral health.

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What can you expect from the various digital dental cameras on the market today?

Monday, November 24, 2008

Just like with any other piece of equipment you would consider buying for your practice, the digital dental cameras are made differently. Each company will be able to offer you different advantages. Overall, a system that includes a digital dental camera will give you another worthwhile tool in your diagnosis arsenal as well as help keep track of how effectively treatment is going. Another advantage to this kind of camera is you can more easily explain what the patient’s dental problems are and how you propose to fix them. With this kind of clear visual aid, it’s simpler to allay patient fears and describe the treatment plans.
It would be a shame to overlook the benefit of the high quality images the digital dental cameras provide. From a clinical point of view, you and your staff will enjoy the benefit of both your traditional x ray images as well as full color images that add convenience to your important job of correcting your patient’s dental problems. What comes included with most digital dental cameras systems?
When you purchase a regular digital camera for your personal use, the camera comes with more than just the photo taking appliance. You can expect to find detailed instructions, software for your computer, and information on data storage. With a digital dental camera, things are pretty much the same. Inside the package, you will find the software you need to use your new images to the best results for your convenience and the benefit of the patient. It’s also not unusual for the system to include various lenses designed for specific dental purposes. A memory card for image storage until you can download the pictures to your specific computer file or hard drive is also a nice feature to look for.
Some digital dental cameras also come equipped with additional software that can be used to create dental appliances like crowns, dentures, and orthodontic pieces easier. Teeth whitening aids for getting the perfect color for the individual patient is another advantage of this software.

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Finding the best price for high quality dental handpieces is always a big concern. Is there one avenue better than the others?

It doesn’t really matter if you are shopping for personal items or medical equipment for your practice. Shopping online is really the way to go. Not only can you quickly take a look at what dental handpieces are available and their prices, but you can also quickly find reviews from other dental professionals about the individual handpieces. Those bits of information can make your quest for the perfect dental handpiece much faster and more convenient. Nothing can tell you the worth of a piece of equipment quite like the opinions of other people in your field. At the very minimum, the information found online can lead you to the types of dental handpieces you want to look at in real life as well.
Before making a final decision on purchasing a dental handpiece, what are the last minute questions to ask?
If you want to ensure that you are protected in buying a dental handpiece, be sure to ask about its motor quality, review air turbine information, and ask about warranties and guarantees. To do the best you can for your patients, you have to have the best in your hand. With the right information, making an informed choice should be easy.

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When choosing dental handpieces, should the patients’ comfort or the dentist’s comfort come first?

Every medical or dental professional in the world wants their patients to be as comfortable as possible during procedures, but in the case of dental handpieces, the physical comfort of the practicing dentist really has to come first. Unnecessary fatigue and unfortunate mistakes can occur when the dental professional is working with a sub par or ill fitting dental handpiece. While some dental professionals will go out of their way to choose the quietest drill possible, the result could be a less effective instrument. A dentist should always choose a dental handpiece that fits well in their hand, is weight appropriate for their needs, and is proven to be effective in all manner of dental work. That is the best way to serve your patients well.

It’s true that dental handpieces can be very noisy and therefore frightening to patients. Is there a way to reduce the stress for those patients who are sensitive to the high pitched, shrill noises most dental handpieces make?

Part of the reason so many people avoid seeking help from dentists is their fear of the drill. No doubt about it, the normal sounds dental handpieces make do little to inspire patient confidence, especially among those who don’t have any information about them. Some patients are too embarrassed or don’t think to ask questions about the dental and medical equipment you are using. In the case of the handpiece, this lack of information can lead to unnecessary stress and fear on the part of your patient. It only takes a few seconds to explain the drill, why it makes the sounds it does, and how it aids you in correcting their dental issues. While this crash course in dental surgery tools might not make all of the fear disappear, with most people it will help.

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