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What are some of the advantages of the newer CPR manikins over those made in years past?

Friday, March 06, 2009

CPR manikins have long been an important tool used for training medical professionals, first aid officers in the work place, and all kinds of other people in this crucial and life saving technique. The manikins in the past were fairly basic representations of the human body and were limited in their functions. The more modern CPR manikins have been created with all kinds of special abilities and functions. They can indicate the proper placement of the hands on the chest, as well as provide feedback related to the correct depression depth. The manikin can also give an accurate report on the compression rate used by the practitioner as well as the ventilation volume. In short, the newer version of the CPR manikin is incredibly useful as a teaching tool and helps ensure correct learning and technique.
Is it always essential to purchase an adult as well as a child size CPR manikin for use in the office or teaching environment? Naturally, a pediatric office or clinic would do well to have a specialized CPR manikin for educating about performing CPR on children. Just about everyone else would do just fine with a more basic unit that is designed to be modified to the correct children depression depth and compression rates. Many of the newer models of the CPR manikins are designed to be modified by simply changing the springs in the torso of the manikin. Any good CPR manikin will likely come equipped with the proper springs and instructions for this modification

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